Workflow management can make your school much more efficient.

5 reasons why workflow management makes a difference

Workflow is the system through which tasks move in a business, company or school. While it may sound like simply a method of storage, this process tracks everything from job applications to teacher surveys and approving snow days. Creating and maintaining a workflow can help your school keep track of important documents and improve the quality of education provided to students. Read on to learn five reasons why workflow management affects your school:

1. Easier onboarding 
The state of your school's workflow management will become apparent when you hire a new employee. Having a working system will allow you to easily point out each step in the process, teaching the new educator what he or she must know to take care of administrative duties like turning in grades or communicating with co-workers. Your school will be much more flexible when you have laid out an efficient workflow process. Changing employee roles is a breeze when there is a system to follow.

2. More effective operations
Workflow management reduces confusion for employees and students. For example, let's say it's the end of the year and you want to survey teachers to see what materials and school supplies they'd like to have for the next year. Without a workflow, the educators may send some requests to you directly via email and others to the school secretary. To make this set of data much easier to act on, use a talent management system that tallies up the inventory of items like markers and paper automatically. This way, instead of gathering emails from various sources and then manually parsing out who needs what, you can just check the survey results once to confirm totals on all supplies. You'll spend much less time tracking down everyone's answers, they'll receive a calendar notification before the surveys are due and the whole process will be much more efficient.

workflow managementYou'll have more time to talk with teachers, students and the community with proper workflow management.

3. Additional time for in-person matters 
A person's resume or evaluation form can say only so much. Using efficient workflow management processes can help administrators spend more time interacting. Instead of manually tracking the documents of the hiring process, you can be the face of the school and get a feel for the applicants in person. Plus, you can have extra time to do community- and student-facing work, like recruiting recent college grads, improving attendance or increasing the school's enrollment numbers.

4. Improve the quality of work 
Schools are made up of many professionals. Teachers and administrators must work together to find processes that make everything move more smoothly. For example, what happens when there is inclement weather in your area? Who decides if the school should be closed? Once someone makes the choice, who sends that information to students and parents? This important process is just one place where it's necessary to have a clear workflow based on several potential situations. You will save your school a ton of angry phone calls by always following the same calling system or other method of alerting the public of weather-related closures and late starts. This work will also earn your school a better reputation for caring about student safety and the well-being of parents and families.

5. Better use of surveys and documents
One of the key parts of workflow management is tracking the movement of documents. From addressing grading and teacher surveys to handling job applications, having a clear workflow makes an administrator's job much easier.

"Workflow management makes tracking documents a breeze."

Plus, you won't be nearly as likely to lose a potentially great educator's application or other hiring documents if there is a system in place. Besides hiring, administrators also address teacher performance evaluations. Through workflow management processes, like TalentEd software, you can build your own evaluation forms or use templates to gain data on your employees and make important decisions about promotions and professional learning opportunities. You can automate the workflow through talent management software so you are no longer stuck moving documents through different stages of the process. You can also integrate the steps with your calendar so you receive timely reminders. 

If your school does not currently have workflow management in place, consider setting some up immediately. You'll quickly learn that tracking job applicants, handling teacher evaluations and other necessary school functions are much easier with the help of better systems.

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