Folsom Cordova Unified School District
Greater Sacramento, California
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  • 19,000 students (PK – 12)
  • 1,415 FTE employees
  • 740 FTE teachers
  • 34 buildings


You might say Folsom Cordova USD is a “typical” medium-large district whose students have achieved “atypical” results: outperforming other California students in the state’s Smarter Balanced tests, part of the new California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress.

With the help of talent management technology, the district continues to pursue new ways to close learning gaps, provide staff with the support needed to make good things happen and simplify statewide reporting.

TalentEd Perform

Folsom Cordova Unified School District

Building partnerships that deliver on promises, sharing the desire to continually improve


Assessing, measuring and improving HR processes is an ongoing initiative at Folsom Cordova Unified School District. The district implemented performance management software about three years ago to eliminate the confusion of paper-based systems, but emerging employee demands presented a new challenge …

“Our society has shifted toward demanding more paid leave and other benefits; today’s employees want employers and managers to respond to them in a different way,” said Mike Shepherd, director of HR. “We are catching up with that very much like we do with students, by meeting employees where they are.”

But to provide individual attention to each employee in the sizeable school district — which serves more than 19,000 students — while continuing to report on California’s six statewide standards for educators, Folsom Cordova USD needed tools to help manage the increased workload. They found those capabilities and more in TalentEd Perform, a PeopleAdmin solution designed for K-12 schools and districts.


“The assistance we’re getting with PeopleAdmin’s TalentEd Perform is allowing us to have more accountability on a systematic level, so we can ensure that our on-the-ground managers are giving effective and meaningful feedback to our teachers,” Mike said. “Individualizing our workforce means we’re meeting the needs of our employees so they can better meet the needs of students.”

TalentEd Perform is a comprehensive system for managing employee evaluations, and can be customized to fit unique processes and align with reporting requirements. Folsom Cordova USD customized its system to improve visibility into employees’ needs, to minimize administrative burdens when performing summative, formal and informal assessments, and to create accurate reports for California’s statewide teacher evaluation criteria. By building required data collection
and other district-specific needs into system forms, the district also provides schools and teachers with information they can use to prove achievements, defend themselves or access historical evaluation documents — further empowering leaders to meet school, district, state and individual needs.

But the customization didn’t come with a hefty price or headaches. “During this whole process, from day one, we’ve received top-level service,” Mike said. “PeopleAdmin really feels like our partners. They stand by what they say, I’ve seen it in action.”

Always looking ahead

With performance evaluation and reporting needs met, the district now seeks new ways to improve by exploring possibilities of other new technologies.

“I’m very excited about implementing TalentEd Sync 2.0 because it will help resolve some of our internal complications and relieve stress right away,” Mike said. The upgrade will empower staff to tackle its next goal: closing the achievement gap among disadvantaged student groups through instructional initiatives and hiring new intervention staff. After that, they’ll look at employee lifecycle management tools.

“When we go there, I’m not even going to look at another product. I am sold on PeopleAdmin, what they stand for and how they operate.”

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