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  • 1,900 students (9-12)
  • 200 employees
  • 90 teachers
  •  8 campuses (2 more opening 2016)

Before TalentEd:
An ineffective system and paper-based HR processes hamstring growing charter school.

With TalentEd:
Hiring needs quickly met while administrative team enhances and automates its talent management.

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Richard Milburn Academy

Faster hiring, more applicants, recordkeeping efficiency help growing charter school system

The Situation

Something almost unimaginable occurred recently for some members of the Richard Milburn Academy administrative staff:
The opportunity to take a week-long vacation … in September.

That’s right, shortly after the start of the new school year at RMA, a growing Texas charter school system with several campuses across the state, Chrystal Hartman was able to enjoy some time off.

In the past that would have been unthinkable; Richard Milburn’s HR processes were hampered by many of the same challenges K-12 leaders nationwide face: a shortage of applicants, overburdened central office staff, ineffective HR software systems, and the constraints of file cabinets and computer hard drives.

Not long after Human Resources functions, such as hiring and personnel recordkeeping, were transitioned to the superintendent’s office where Hartman is an administrative secretary, she set out to resolve those obstacles.

For example, RMA’s automated hiring system did not integrate with or cross post on other popular job board websites, meaning Hartman would have to duplicate efforts to post outside of the system.

“When we took over HR, we thought ‘there has to be an easier way to post jobs,’” Hartman says. “We wanted a more simple way to hire people.

“And we were looking for the way to be able to keep track of HR files in a way that would be accessible to everyone, would be easy to keep through the years, and we could get rid of all the paperwork that had piled up.”

The Challenges

  • Improve applicant volume and the ease of job posting and hiring. For principals, that meant finding a system with tools for filtering applications simply.
  • Update and improve the management of employee recordkeeping and HR processes, maximizing efficiency, ease of use for teachers and staff, and scalability for an expanding organization.

Heard it from their peers


Upon the transition of duties to her and the team in the superintendent’s office, Chrystal Hartman started exploring other options immediately.

She began by asking what nearby charters and public school districts were using.

“Chrystal was looking at what a lot of different districts do,” says Missy Hartman, a fellow administrative secretary who joined Richard Milburn Academy in the midst of the search. “A lot of them use TalentEd and SchoolSpring and provided good reviews.”

“Those names kept coming up,” Chrystal Hartman adds.

The education-specific focus also allowed PeopleAdmin’s SchoolSpring and TalentEd solutions to stand out, she says. Within a month of investigating, the decision was made.

In addition to using SchoolSpring for job posting and candidate engagement, Richard Milburn Academy chose TalentEd Recruit & Hire for its applicant tracking needs and TalentEd Records for personnel records management.


Because their roles extend beyond HR, both Hartmans found SchoolSpring and TalentEd have provided a few less-heralded benefits.

“This has really helped us with time management and having extra time to work on projects or other paperwork we need to complete,” Chrystal Hartman says. “We not only do HR, but we have so much other work to do besides hiring.”

“It’s funny how much it can make a difference in morale just having less clutter around,” says Missy Hartman. “Being able to upload HR documents that had been on paper means we’re able to get rid of a lot of the clutter in the office. It feels so much better to be able to shred stuff and get it out of the way.”

They are not alone in their praise. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from campuses all over Texas.

“Principals really like TalentEd Recruit & Hire,” Chrystal Hartman says. “It was a really, really smooth transition.

“The software is so user-friendly for employees who are even just filling out their documents. It’s got such great features that are really, directly designed for what we need and it’s very specific to the needs of education.”

With TalentEd Records, RMA has improved the new-hire paperwork experience and deployed the system’s live checklist features to ensure returning employees have completed required documentation.

Then there’s this: With SchoolSpring’s automatic posting to third-party sites, such as, RMA saw a large increase in the number of applicants for its dozens of openings, including director-level positions.

“It seems like the people we brought on are really high quality. Some of our new teachers are doing amazing things,” Missy Hartman says. “I think part of that is because we were able to post to a larger audience and get more applicants who maybe wouldn’t have seen our openings before.”

By the end of their first summer — “Within two months,” Missy Hartman says — Richard Milburn Academy hired about 60 new employees through Recruit & Hire.

“That really helped us because we got all of our positions pretty much filled before school started,” Chrystal Hartman says.

Oh, and it made that September vacation possible.

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