Lafourche Parish School District
South Louisiana
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  • 14,800 students (PK-12)
  • 2,100 employees
  • 1,125 teachers
  •  29 buildings

Before TalentEd:
Administrators and employees face overwhelming paperwork and storage constraints.

With TalentEd:
Comprehensive talent management platform helps accomplish everything district had in mind.

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Lafourche Parish School District

Solving common HR challenges by reinvigorating district-wide talent management

The Situation

As Louisiana — like states nationwide — introduced new accountability measures and teacher evaluation requirements for its school systems, Lafourche Parish School District saw an opportunity to do more than update the way its evaluation and observation processes were managed.

The time was right to holistically solve all-too-common challenges K-12 leaders like Bernita Deville face, which pre-date any state-level initiative.

“There was an overabundance of paperwork for administrators and employees,” says Deville, Supervisor of Human Resources at Lafourche Parish School District (LPSD). “At times, signatures were omitted or overlooked. Plus, the cost of storage and the lack of storage space at school sites were constant concerns.”

In the heart of the culturally significant and diverse region known as Acadiana, the HR inefficiencies hampering this south Louisiana district of nearly 15,000 students weren’t otherwise unique: too much paper — even job applications were still paper-based – and the cost and limitations of storing and securing it all. New state requirements would add still more paperwork to the duties of LPSD employees and administrators.

“We needed to go paperless,” Deville says. “We were looking for something to ease the pain or lessen the paperwork and we wanted a system that would store it all.”

The Challenges

  • Solve the paper and storage hardships so common to district HR departments.
  • Adhere to state evaluation and reporting requirements.

Taking a wider look at the bigger picture


Because fulfilling new state requirements was an immediate need for Deville and LPSD, simplifying the new, more complex teacher evaluation process for administrators, principals, and teachers — plus collecting, managing, and reporting on the forms and data — was their first priority.

TalentEd Perform, meanwhile, was being adopted by peer districts of all sizes within Louisiana and in states across the country. For Lafourche Parish, it proved to be the right choice.

“TalentEd Perform has streamlined our evaluation process,” Deville says.

But comprehensive talent management goes beyond evaluations. What about the other processes district HR departments handle, such as applicant tracking and hiring or employee lifecycle management and recordkeeping?

LPSD added TalentEd Recruit & Hire and TalentEd Records, adopting a common software platform through a single provider, enhancing ease of use, efficiency, and the customer support experience.


What began as a response to a state mandate instead, thanks to the forward thinking of Deville and her team at LPSD, reinvigorated how the district handled end-to-end talent management.

“It is paperless, efficient, a time and space saver, easy to use, and everything is stored in one place,” says Deville, who continues sharing merits of TalentEd:

  • Better tracking of compliance for both administrators and employees.
  • Helpful data and reporting for our individual school sites.
  • Efficiently reporting data to the state department of education.
  • Employees enjoy using TalentEd.
  • Savings in costs from reduced paper, copier, and physical storage usage.

Says Deville: “TalentEd accomplished everything the district had in mind.”

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