TalentEd Perform Features

  • Flexibility & Freedom

    Unlike most systems, with TalentEd Perform you’re not limited to using a specific evaluation framework. It’s your content, your way with tools to complete observation, summative evaluation forms, and rubrics online. And unlike other systems, you can handle all of your performance evaluations — certified, classified, administrative, coaches, and even substitutes — in the same system.

  • Principal Dashboard

    Ditch the spreadsheets to track tasks and activity. The Principal Dashboard keeps principals, building administrators, and other evaluators on task, up-to-date, and in control on their evaluations.

  • Evaluation Tasks

    Need to know the status of an evaluation? Get answers right away by instantly viewing what tasks are planned, scheduled, incomplete, and complete for each employee evaluation.

  • Monitor Inter-Rater Reliability

    Ensure evaluator consistency with real-time data as components are submitted, or pre-configure reports to make it easy to review how evaluations are being completed and if calibration is needed.

  • HR Dashboard

    No more phone calls or nagging emails to see if evaluations are getting completed across the district or organization. Now see evaluation status of any employee in real time, or view evaluation progress by building or across the entire district or institution.

  • Tablet & Mobile Access

    Today’s administrators require 24/7 access on the go. Anytime. Anywhere. Complete your observations or walkthroughs on the go with your tablet or mobile phone. Works with any device that supports HTML 5, including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

  • Evaluation Processes Tool

    Feel confident that your evaluations are being completed as planned with automatic organization of all your evaluation processes, including all the forms, meetings, and other tasks on the to-do list. The evaluation process builder supports compliance by ensuring all scheduled tasks are completed by supervisors and their employees being evaluated.

TalentEd Perform
  • Staff List

    See all staff evaluations, all the time, providing supervisors and HR professionals access to all designated employees and their evaluation folders on one screen. Quickly search for a specific employee; see who has an evaluation and who doesn’t, as well as improvement plans; and access employee folders in real time, all with the Staff List.

  • Observation Scripting Tool

    Take notes while in an observation so an observer can focus on noting what they see in the classroom and not worry about answering the specific questions on the observation form. Notes are easily “glued” where appropriate after the observation with automatic time stamping for simple recall.

  • HR Analytics & Reporting

    Use your data find answers to evaluation questions or to provide needed reports. Analyze your observation and summative evaluation data and use it to provide targeted professional development early and often to improve performance. Plus, prepare and export data for reporting to the school board or the state.

  • Supervisory Weekly Email

    Stay informed via automated email of any scheduled meetings or forms to be completed. Receive overdue reminders, upcoming meetings (such as scheduled observations), and be alerted of any forms your staff still needs to complete, such as a lesson preview or self-evaluation form.